Earth & Eden Baby Diapers, Size 4, 192 Count

  • $59.99


  • Up to 12 hours of superior leakage protection, clinically proven gentle on your baby's skin; free from lotions, latex, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching
  • Breathable outer cover helps keep baby's skin dry while the cotton enhanced dryness layer and hypoallergenic inner liner work to keep your baby dry and comfortable
  • Fit-grip technology offers an enhanced fit, while soft, stretchable waists and sides move with your active baby
  • Cruelty free - not tested on animals; Made with SFI Certified sustainably sourced fluff; Printed with non-toxic water-based inks; Produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility
  • Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials
  • Size 4, 22-37 pounds

Customer Reviews

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Confidently recommended

Decided to dive deeper into what was in my kids' diapers on baby #4. It's a beast to undertake but there's an intuitive nature to it also. Diapers often have an odor that leads one to wonder what is in them...I found this brand and would've tried them if only for their clean and environmental reasons but as my daughter's name is "Eden" it was an easy choice. They are every bit as absorbent and leak-proof for general days (all kids will blow out a diaper when they're transitioning sizes and during the solid food introduction period) but I also loved how neutral the diaper is. I love that she can wear a white dress or thing material and you don't see her diaper pattern through it or an obnoxious logo peering underneath.I'm disappointed the subscribe and save option has been canceled because it made these diapers cheaper than alternatives at the store and they came like clockwork as I was running low. But I've become enough of a fan that I'll continue ordering them monthly until she is out of them!

Ashley Spicer
Best diapers I've ever used for my kids!

Absolutely amazing diapers that are so cute and simple. Great price as well!

Alyse Marie
Best diapers, only diapers

Only diapers we have ever used and I love them. Never had an issue with leaking. Never had an issue with stink. Fit was always perfect while moving up the sizes. Love the ingredient transparency. Our babies skin has been perfect since birth in these diapers!! Seriously I don't write reviews unless I truly love an item.

These saved our lives

After looking high and low and trying multiple brand name fragrance free diapers; These saved us from the money we were loosing. The value you get for these diapers is great. Especially if you do a subscription. No complaints, no blowouts, no mess. The smell is horrible tho, but that's expected with fragrance free.

Love the diapers... all 20 I could use.

I adore these diapers. I used them in size 2 and now 4. They're amazing. But the product arrived completely smashed and soaking. I live in a northern state and it's snowing. The diapers were soaked and ruined. It was telling me it wasnt a returnable item so I paid a LOT for 20 useable diapers. So sad. Because they are so good