Earth & Eden Baby Diapers, Size 6, 136 Count

  • $44.99


  • Up to 12 hours of superior leakage protection, clinically proven gentle on your baby's skin; free from lotions, latex, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching
  • Breathable outer cover helps keep baby's skin dry while the cotton enhanced dryness layer and hypoallergenic inner liner work to keep your baby dry and comfortable
  • Fit-grip technology offers an enhanced fit, while soft, stretchable waists and sides move with your active baby
  • Cruelty free - not tested on animals; Made with SFI Certified sustainably sourced fluff; Printed with non-toxic water-based inks; Produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility
  • Made in the USA with domestic and imported materials
  • Size 6, 35+ pounds

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Owens
Our go to diapers!

Affordable, good quality, pretty good eco credentials. Don’t leak much except when we fasten too loosely when tired. Wonder if the indicator strip has a non toxic alternative for future innovation?

best diapers

We LOVE these diapers! Have been using them for 2 years and the quality, absorption, and durability are exceptional!

You will love these diapers!

After a long quest to find a diaper that meets all my expectations-Earth & Eden was my prize! I used Pampers Pure, Honest, Coterie, Dyper and others to only find flaws with each one. Some issues I overlooked because they were “cleaner” ingredients. However, Earth & Eden checks all the boxes. The diaper is soft, the ingredients are clean and I have not had any leaks! My toddler slept longer because she was not feeling wet & heavy. Her skin was never red. Some brands have clean ingredients but have to use plastics for leg elastic and pulls-leaving red marks on my toddler. Not this diaper! This diaper also goes to a size 7! And is true to its size. It was big enough to cover my child’s bum so she didn’t complain of it sliding around yet thin enough so that the diaper didn’t bulge through pants. These are reasonably priced! Excellent diaper. Definitely try! You will love it.


I really wanted to like these diapers. They had promise with being eco friendly with safer ingredients than some of the leading brands at a lower price point but they sag VERY quickly. I don't think they stay as dry as some others. They also arent as soft as some of the other diapers we've tried snd oir box had a strong chemical smell. These have caused my kid to have more rashes than any other diaper ever before but that might be my kids problem rather than the diaper. *shrug*


We love these!